On Dido Queen of Carthage

at Kensington Palace Stage Apartments

"Sarah Thom gives a sensational performance as Dido."

Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

"Sarah Thom’s splendid Dido, – her pallid, burning-eyed intensity, has something of Mary Tudor about it."

Time Out

"Sarah Thom, who plays a haunting Dido, is a linchpin... Rebecca McCutcheon and Sarah Thom have struck gold. A wonderful idea, boldly executed." 

The Sunday Times

"Sarah Thom handles Dido’s transformation from sombre monarch to giddy lover exquisitely. Her subsequent outpouring of grief is truly earth-shattering." 

The Stage

On Bette & Joan: The Final Curtain

at St James' Theatre & Assembly

‘Witty, inventive, sharp, irreverent and very moving’

The List

"Sarah Thom and Sarah Toogood depict brilliant adversaries.. it has to be said that Thom and Toogood make an outstanding duet and feed off each other’s energy beautifully."

London Festival Fringe

"Sarahs Thom and Toogood (Bette/Joan respectively) have impressive timing, both comic and dramatic, that oils the wheels of this fragmented, time-travelling rollercoaster of a play."

What’s On Stage

"Foursight’s clever two-hander allows its lead actors to display a non-stop, scenery chewing wit."

The Times

On Beak Speaks

at Underbelly

“... by playing a bad actor Thom proves that she is a fantastic one ...a brilliantly written, wholly believable and very funny tragicomic creation.” 

The List

On the All-Female Posh

at The Pleasance

"an excellent Sarah Thom"

The Guardian

On Great Expectations

At The Old Red Lion

"Thom’s performance is nothing short of mesmerising. Her physicality, along with her calculated precision in both characters is a real highlight."

A Younger Theatre

On Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off

At The King's Head 

“Sarah Thom as Elizabeth is phenomenal … an utter marvel to watch.”

Grumpy Gay Critic